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    How to Prepare Pets for the Fall

    The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping. It’s time to switch out your t-shirts for sweaters and your flip flops for boots. While you may be ready to sip on pumpkin spice lattes and cook hot chili and soups, there may be one member of your family who needs help transitioning to the new season – your pet!

    Just like the weather, pets’ habits change from season to season. It’s important to make adjustments to their daily routines in order to make them comfortable. If you live in Greer, SC, it’s also important to prepare a plan for natural disasters. This is especially true across the South when hurricane season is in full swing.

    West Spartan Animal Hospital has provided all the information you need to prepare pets for the fall. Let’s get started!

    General Tips

    The good news is, there are simple steps you can take to help your pet adjust to the changing season. And it’s more than just keeping them warm.

    Groom Your Dog or Cat Appropriately

    While it is true that a thick, furry coat helps your pet stay warm, it needs to be groomed properly. If your dog or cat’s fur gets matted, bacteria and other unwanted ailments can make its way into the pet’s skin, causing infections. In other words, make sure to brush your pet more frequently as the weather turns colder.

    Alternatively, you can have your dog or cat groomed professionally.

    Switch Up When You Walk Your Dog

    Not only does the weather change with the seasons, so does the amount of sunlight. So while you may be getting up early in the summer to take your dog out in hopes of avoiding hotter temperatures, you may want to do the opposite in the fall.

    In order to beat the darkness, it’s a good idea to take your dog on a later morning walk, and an earlier evening walk.

    It is important to note that dogs are sensitive to schedule changes. Try transitioning to the new walk times in 15-minute intervals.

    Be Careful of Snakes

    Snakes don’t leave after summer is over. In fact, fall is when they get ready to hibernate and may be more likely to bite. Make sure to learn if any snakes are common in your area, so you and your pet can avoid areas where these slithering creatures are present.

    Keep Your Pet Warm

    You’re not the only one who needs to bundle up a little more. Your pet needs to stay warm too. If you want to prepare pets for the fall, consider purchasing cozy beds and blankets for your pets to snuggle with.

    Depending on your dog’s type of fur, it may also be worth it to buy a dog coat to protect it from the chill and rain.

    Plan for Your Changing Schedule

    For many households, your schedule changes with the fall season. Kids are back to school, you may be spending less time outside, and your family activities may change. This can affect your pets.

    Consider making time before and after you leave for school or work to give your dog or cat some special attention. Also, plan fun weekend activities that you can include your pet in.

    Prepping Your Pet for Hurricane Season

    When living in the South, households must prepare for hurricane season. Putting a plan in place is difficult enough when it’s just you and your family. Preparing your pet comes with its own set of challenges. Thankfully, there are simple steps you can take to keep your furry friend safe.

    Stock Up Beforehand

    In addition to packing up supplies for you and your family, make sure you are equipped with plenty of supplies for your pet as well. This includes:

    • Food & Water
    • Water Bowls
    • Toys & Treats
    • Litter Box
    • Pet Bed
    • Leash
    • Collar
    • Blankets
    • Pet Medical Records
    • Medications

    Have An Evacuation Plan

    Having an evacuation plan ahead of time is extremely important to keep safe during a hurricane. Make sure you have all the proper supplies for you and your pet ready to go. Also, make sure you are evacuating somewhere that is pet-friendly, so you know your cat or dog can stay with you.

    Microchip Your Pet

    If you haven’t already, it is important to microchip your pet. In the event that your dog or cat gets lost during a storm, a microchip makes it much easier for you to locate them.

    Keep Your Pet on a Leash

    Once a hurricane makes landfall, make sure to keep your pet on a leash, or contained in a carrier with a collar and ID tag. It is likely that your pet will be scared and anxious, so speak to them in a calm tone of voice.

    Even after the hurricane is over, keep your pet contained on a leash or in a carrier until you are sure the area is safe.

    Understanding How to Prepare Pets for the Fall

    Fall is a great time to take advantage of the outdoors alongside your four-legged companion. By taking simple but necessary steps to prepare your pet for colder months, it helps you and your pet enjoy this time of year safely and comfortably.

    Have a question about how to prepare pets for the fall? The experts at West Spartan Animal Hospital are here to help!

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