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    How To Get Your Pet Excited About Visiting A Veterinary Medical Hospital In Greer SC

    When visiting local veterinarians, most local pet owners have their work cut out for them. Cats, dogs, and other animals don’t generally like being treated. They’re reticence to be seen in these spaces also spills over into their preventative vet care. At West Spartan Animal Hospital, we want to share several way to get your pet excited about visiting a veterinary medical hospital in Greer SC.

    To start, don’t wait to visit an animal clinic until you pet is already desperately in need of one. When animals are sick or injured, they go into protective mode. They don’t want to be touched and they’re rarely receptive to new people. Getting your pet familiar with the treatment environment in advance of these moments will make them more comfortable and responsive in urgent situations.

    Start by taking a tour of our facility, Let your pet meet our team members and get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of the space. We’ll offer a treat and a walk-through, and we’ll help you establish the right schedule for regular checkups. Routine care gives provides and pets the chance to know one another even as it promotes a higher quality of life and longer lifespans.

    Come in to take advantage of our grooming services. There’s nothing quite like being pampered at a veterinarian’s office to make pets feel more comfortable. When your canine or feline companion associates our office with positive experiences, you won’t have to lug them out of the car when visiting.

    If you have to go out of town, consider boarding your pet with us as well. This is far preferable to traveling in the cargo hold of a plane, and it’s much safer as well. It’s also another opportunity for your pet to learn our space, interact with our team, and develop positive associations with the treatment environment. To get started, give us a call or drop by today!

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