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    How Greer Veterinarians Can Protect And Improve The Health Of Your Pet

    Most pet owners consider their animals part of the family. Just as you take yourself and your children in for preventative healthcare, it’s important for your feline or canine companion to visit an animal hospital for regular wellness checks. Animal clinics offer a vast range of services for improving the life quality of pets, mitigating and managing chronic ailments, and staving off serious injuries and illness. At West Spartan Animal Hospital, we want to share three ways in which Greer Veterinarians can help your pet enjoy a healthier, happier existence.

    We offer comprehensive grooming services. If you think professional grooming lies outside your budget, think again. You can bring your animal in for regular grooming services or you can make periodic visits to acclimate them to the environment and get breeds-specific grooming advice. We clip claws, trim fur, wash, and brush pets as needed. This is also an opportunity for our team to identify minor and developing issues of the eyes, nose, ears, skin, fur, or teeth.

    You can also visit us for teeth cleaning. Animals can get cavities and oral infections too. We remove plaque, check for mouth sores and mouth cancer, and offer needs-specific recommendations for at-home tooth care.

    One of the greatest benefits of visit animal clinics is being able to spot still-developing problems before they have a major impact on overall health. During preventative check-ups, we’ll make sure that your pet is at a healthy body weight, that they aren’t exhibiting behavioral symptoms that are indicative of underlying health issues, and that they’re getting the right care.

    We offer nutritional advice, boarding services, and urgent care. The more that you and your animal drop by, the easier it will be for your pet to relax if major treatments are needed. To find out more about what we do or schedule an appointment, contact West Spartan Animal Hospital now.

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