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    Discover The Fundamental Guidelines Experienced Greer SC Veterinarians Use For A Comprehensive Pet Wellness Examination

    A wellness exam for a pet gives the veterinarians a chance to identify any disease early enough and ensures the pet lives a healthy life. The assessment is done like a routine physical exam for humans in a medical setup. However, the pets need a health examination at least twice a year while humans require it once a year for a general checkup. It is thus imperative to familiarize yourself with fundamental aspects that surround a wellness exam to know what to expect when visiting your veterinarians. The rest of the post highlights the basic components that guide experienced Greer SC veterinarians for a deserved pet wellness assessment.

    History Taking and Physical Examination

    A comprehensive wellness assessment begins with the vet assessing the current health and taking the health history of your pet. The pet owners form an integral part at this stage in providing the history of pets and answering questions about their lifestyles. We then examine your pet from head to toe while recording our findings in the physical examination charts.

    Assessment of Organs

    Veterinarians focus on all pet organs during the wellness assessment. We examine the eyes, ears, mouth, lungs, heart, musculoskeletal, lymph nodes, lungs and pulmonary systems. It is essential to record the weight, pulse, respiration rate, and temperature of your pets at this stage. We also investigate the blood work and bone intensity to establish any changes that may need medical attention.

    Health Recommendations

    We compile the findings after the assessment and investigations to give essential recommendations to improve the health of your pets. Our professional advice at this point covers a wide range of aspects such as pain management, proper nutrition, behavior, and dental care. Your pets may receive any due vaccination at our animal clinics in Greer or schedule it for the appropriate date. Our vets will also diagnose any conditions identified during the assessment and prescribe the appropriate treatment before you leave with the pets.

    Disease Screening

    Reputable veterinary clinics include screening for various diseases when examining pets for overall wellness. The wellness exam at Greer animal hospitals will cover screening the pet for heartworms and intestinal parasites. Such tests assist us to identify and prevent zoonotic diseases that your pet may pass to you and other family members. A comprehensive wellness assessment enables our vets to spot early signs of diseases and offer timely medical intervention.

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