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Animal Surgery & Veterinary Dental Care in Greer, SC

Like humans, our animals sometimes require specialized treatment beyond the scope of preventative veterinary care.

West Spartan Animal Hospital performs diagnostics and animal surgery. We take a proactive and compassionate approach to your pet’s treatment, and we work hard to maintain their comfort and your peace of mind during our diagnostic and surgical services.

If you’re located in Greer, SC, or the surrounding areas of Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, call us today to schedule a consultation for your pet.

Diagnostics-Greer, SC


It can be difficult to pinpoint and understand the source of an animal’s pain and discomfort. West Spartan Animal Hospital offers diagnostic imaging and testing to detect, diagnose, and monitor your pet’s internal health, including their heart, lungs, ears, abdominal organs, and more.

We offer:

  • Radiographs
  • Ultrasounds
  • Video otoscopy
Animal surgery- Greer, SC

Animal Surgery

Our team will work closely with you before, during, and after your pet’s surgery to maximize their recovery. We do everything we can to make your pet as comfortable and relaxed as possible through every stage of surgery. We also administer anesthesia and cardiovascular monitoring during the procedure to make sure it is executed safely and accurately.

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